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Doña Bakehouse

Xmas Croissants Bundle

Xmas Croissants Bundle

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Mini flavoured croissants consist of:

*every box comes with a Xmas Greeting Card

1. Crispy Almond 
almond frangipane, toasted almond flakes, icing sugar

2. Pistachio Rose
pistachio frangipane, rose water, crushed pistachio nuts, rose petals garnish

3. Dark Choco Rocher
- rich chocolate cream, dark chocolate icing, crushed hazelnuts, gold flakes garnish

4. Raspberry Cream Cheese
raspberry cream cheese, white chocolate icing, rose petals garnish

5. Crispy Salted Caramel
- homemade rich cream cheese, crispy salted caramel crust

6. White Chocolate Lemon
- tangy lemon cream, white chocolate icing, dried lemon garnish

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